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Beijing Redsun Energy Saving Science & Technology Co., Ltd located in Beijing Zhongguancun High-technology Zone, Beijing Redsun Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd has established various strategic cooperative partnerships with many domestic research institutions and organizations such as the ChineseAcademyof Science, China Electric Power Research Institute and Beijing Institute of Technology. It also has its own research and development, and quality testing centers for LED heat dissipation systems. With building a green environment as its mission and taking energy saving and environment protection as its goal, Redsun provides complete heat dissipation solutions for industrial and mining lighting, commercial lighting, office lighting and city lighting. The company has ultimately solved the problem of heat dissipation and heat conducting of the multiple resistances in lighting instruments and provides systematic solutions for heat dissipation.


By using Microgrooves Combined Phase-Change (MGCP) cooling technology, Redsun cooperated with theInstituteofThermophysics Engineeringat theChineseAcademyof Sciences, developing a super KW power LED integrated cooler for high efficiency heat dissipation, which is an ultimate solution for the problem of high heat flux with less heat dissipation in the unit area. This technology was evaluated by a group of famous experts and scholars from the National Ministry of Science and Technology, who agreed that the Microgrooves combined phase-change cooling system has advanced technical specifications, is very reliable and easy to maintain. This technology is at the leading edge of technology in the world and is included in theChinanational 12th five-year plan as part of promotion of key energy-saving technology.